Henry VII, 1485-1509

The king: Henry Tudor was born in 1457 in Wales. He was exiled from England and grew up in France. He married Elizabeth of York, reuniting the two houses and ending the War of the Roses. He had eight children, and was succeeded by his second son, Henry, on his death in 1509. His reign opened the 118 year span of the Tudor kings. Henry had a tenuous claim to the throne, coming from a bastard line going back to the Dukes of Lancaster, and won the throne by the death in battle of Richard III.

Seaby Henry VII, 1485-1509 Grading Price Pic.
2187 Angel N.D.(1505-1509). Mintmark: Pheon
Obverse leg.: hENRIC:DI:GRA:REX:ANGL×Z×FR`:
vf 1.000,00